Yask is a vibrant Swiss company that currently more than 20 unique ranges in solid wooden furniture on offer. All made to measure. The Yask look is bold and distinctive, showing the natural characteristics of European Oak and the individual hand-finishing by traditional craftsman. Our furniture can now be seen throughout Europe and the USA. New developments, designs, sales and state-of-the-art IT technology are boasted from our YASK office in Scuol (Switzerland).

Based in the beautiful little town named Scoul in Switzerland "back to nature" is for Yask not a trend but an ongoing mission. Yask is a very Green Company. We use natural oils and waxes to protect our products. To colour our products we do not use stains but our unique smoking technique.

Our delivery trucks are brand new to assure the cleanest emissions.

Yask uses 100% natural oil and wax finishes. The wonderful grain patterns and unique aspects of solid European Oak to shine through. To produce a random, walnut like, dark finish with a glorious mix of shades.

Yask has developed a unique kiln-smiking process that penetrates into the wood. A pure and individual look far from veneers and syntetics. For those that prefer uniformity unlikely to satisty. Differences in color, finish and grain are likely and will not be considered valid for claim purposes. Finishes on wood samples, websites and brochures are an indication only.